minimalism: let’s think simple.

“Minimalism is not a lack of something but a feeling of contentment with what you have.”

Fumio Sasaki

“If there is a core message within minimalism, it’s this: you probably don’t need that.”

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus

“Minimalism is asking yourself why before making a purchase.”

Francine Jay

"A simple and meaningful way of living.."


That’s what minimalism means for us. It means a way of living which is simple yet thought full. Which owns less yet is complete. Minimalism for us means following three things:

  1. Focusing on value (be it belongings or relationships)

Minimalism is about owning things which add value to your life. Do not add up things because you like them. Have things because you love them. Because what happens with material possession is that initially we own them and before you know they start owning us.

The more things you own, the more they own you. Your clothes, your furniture, your gadgets, your car, your home ……it all starts with you thinking that you own them but gradually they take the most important thing of your life …your time.

Your time in maintaining them, repairing them, upgrading them, or even selling them. So be careful of every item you get in your life. Think like this: It is going to occupy space in your life, and you have limited space. So, next time when you make a purchase, wait for a minute and think about the value it I going to create in your vs the space which it shall take from your life !!

The same applies in relationships.

Relationships are the most beautiful connections in the world but these can’t be traumatic and time taking as well. In order to build a network, a societal image or for any other professional / personal reason, you shall not know when you have started living your life as per the thoughts of other people. Once again, take a pause. Take a halt. Think. Not every person is important in your life and focus on those who matter. Do not get lost so much in the world that you miss spending time with the closer ones.

Your time is important. Spend it with the people you love and care for.

  1. Simplicity & clarity (in thoughts & actions)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This never goes out of style or out of fashion. And there is authenticity in simplicity. Life is beautiful when you keep it simple. Rather most of the things are simple – we make it complex and then we look for simple solutions. Start keeping things simple at the base. If you do not like smoking, you can say it and keep it simple. If you do not like to wear pink colour, you can say it and keep it simple. No judgement can evaluate your simplicity.

Rather, what simplicity brings along is clarity in thoughts. It is important to know what not to do in life than what to do. And this itself shall bring you lot of clarity. Be clear with your thoughts & actions and you shall have a simple and effective life. This shall further help you improving your focus and decision making.

  1. Freedom (from accumulation & conventions)

With the world turning to be a complex place every day, the thought of minimalism is becoming more relevant because:

  • as you own more, you understand it is all about less.
  • as you know more, you understand it is about knowing specific.
  • As you are tied up with things and people more, you understand the importance of freedom.

Freedom: Possibly the most important thing in life after time. However, to be free, you need to have space. You cannot be free if you are occupied. And the less you occupy, the more freedom you have in your life.

Own less. Be free.