The Art of Mindful Consumption: How Minimalism Can Revolutionize Shopping Habits

Suppose you have a choice to acquire more or be satisfied with the little you have. What will you choose? If you feel that choosing...
The Art of Mindful Consumption: How Minimalism Can Revolutionize Shopping Habits

Suppose you have a choice to acquire more or be satisfied with the little you have. What will you choose? If you feel that choosing the first one is the only option to happiness, my friend, you will be surprised how life can find joy in the simplest ways possible.

And in journey of yours, minimalisTee is here to help you with your shopping habits. Apply the following tricks when making your purchasing decision and discover the magic of simplicity.


Impulsive decisions or minimalistic choices 

Impulsive buyers often end up purchasing extra things; thus, their shopping habits need to be in moderation. They buy things based on their impulses and even, sometimes, at an exorbitant price.

By developing minimalistic choices, we can slow down the process of random purchasing. Minimalistic shopping habits redesign shopping habits by removing unnecessary wants. Following are the tips on how such redesigning of shopping habits can be done –

  • Shoppers need to make a list of their wants in advance. By making a list, they can observe what are the things they need the most at this hour and what could be avoided now. 
  • If there is one thing that a shopper might purchase later, such things need to be removed. 
  • Not each shopping habit should follow the same method of minimalistic choice. If some emergency occurs, individuals should purchase those items without further delay.


Decluttering is the new method

Next time you jump into your shopping spree, prepare three questions for yourself. 

  1. First, do you need the thing right now? 
  2. If you own it, what would be the problems you can face? 
  3. What benefits it would bring in your future?

Such questions help you in reframing the shopping habits you have at present. Start decluttering your mind first to save yourself from becoming a shopaholic. Remember, shopping happens in our minds first.

If the notifications from the app make you shopping-ready, uninstall those apps for the time being. If you have accumulated enough free coupons, start distributing them. Someone else may require it much more than you. You could see the changes by taking such small steps. 

Say loudly, ‘Minimalistee is the new shopping choice.’



Shop minimal to have less clutter


Schedule no-spend day

Organize a no-spend day carefully. Choose a specific day when you would not spend on any irrelevant things. Such challenges can be taken on a weekly or monthly basis. In this period, the challenge would be to spend only on essential items. At this time, there should be no restaurant visits, coffee dates, clothes shopping etc. By doing this, you are going to save money and can redesign your shopping habits.

Please note that a no-spend period can be extremely boring and lead us to spend more once we deviate from our discipline, but mindful decisions need to be made in this regard. Right after the no-spend period, engage yourself in the shopping spree gradually. Try to make a list and wait for at least 48 hours before you make an advance to it.


Remove the saved card details

The shopping applications have made a super transition to allow us to save our payment options, and for that, we do not need to put the details every time we decide to shop from those applications. To adopt the changing shopping habits, you need to remove your card details from the shopping applications. 

Such advantages come as mixed blessings; on one side, it reduces the shopping collision, and on another, it could make you spend an unanticipated amount that you could prevent if such options were unavailable.

Remember, few frictions in life are good, and when it comes to shopping habits, you should embrace them because, in the day end, you are saving your money.


Over-shopping is an addiction

Like alcohol and smoking, over-shopping is an addiction, too, known as bad shopping habits. But it is a harmless mistake that can make you purchase some useless stuff or the stuff you already have in your home. Buying the same things, or what we call duplicate items, is the kind of mistake that we all make. For that, checking the inventory of your home would help you make a proper list of your wants.

Otherwise, without your knowledge, you become vulnerable to over-shopping addiction.


Over shopping is an addiction


Losing out exclusive opportunities related to shopping

Some options in life only come once, but shopping opportunities frequent our doors at the outset of every festival.

Do not feel sad if you are missing out on an exclusive offer on your favourite items. You can spot such offers every now and then. Try to resist some of the exclusive offers for the sake of changing shopping habits, and you will be amazed to know how minimalistic you have become slowly.


Follow these simple tricks, and revolutionize your shopping habits.  


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