Reading Books on Focus to Build your Life

F-O-C-U-S Yes, you read it right.  In our daily lives, we often hear people advising each other to focus on different things, but do we...
Reading Books on Focus to Build your Life


Yes, you read it right. 

In our daily lives, we often hear people advising each other to focus on different things, but do we know the exact purpose of focusing?

People say that focus is the path toward all kinds of thinking, eventually affecting our choices. So, what you focus on makes a significant impact on your life.

Here are five books to read to nurture your thinking capabilities and make the right decisions about focusing:


Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence by Daniel Goleman

“But amid the din and distraction of work life, poor listening has become epidemic.”

We often hear that the importance of reading books includes increasing concentration levels, but what if I ask you to read a book about increasing concentration? It will be like having double benefits. Goleman’s book highlights the ways to acquire knowledge about increasing attention. He stresses how understanding the concept of attention and harnessing it can improve one’s focus to have a more productive life ultimately. 

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Improve focus with this book


The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

“Extraordinary results happen only when you give the best you have to become the best you can be at your most important work.”

We all know that getting an extraordinary result is not easy, but then again, there is only one thing that can make it happen. Yes, you are right. It is your power of focus that will make you reach your goal. Based on the One-thing theory, Keller and Papasan’s book describes the way to choose your goal and prioritize your actions to reach that goal quickly. Focus is at the center of it all and is the key to ultimate success. 

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Choose your goal and focus on one thing at a time


The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

“A goal that is not measurable is just wishful thinking.”

If you want to develop your focus and build on your habits, then this book by Canfield and Hansen is the right choice for you. It will help you understand the techniques to focus and the changes in the habits that will follow. Focus comes with discipline, and discipline means a change in many habits, as we all have an inclination toward being clumsy. And with a structured focus, you can unlock the secrets to many successes.

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Develop focus and build good habits to bring success


Hyperfocus: How to Work Less to Achieve More by Chris Bailey

“By focusing deeply on just one important thing at a time—hyperfocusing—we become the most productive version of ourselves.”

Bailey’s book will not only help you increase your focus but will also enlighten you about ways to achieve hyperfocus. He has divided hyperfocus into four essential stages here:

Choose what you wish to focus on

Remove all possible distractions

Train your focus only on the one desired task

Train and redirect your mind whenever it wanders away

Achieving hyperfocus is possible when your mind is trained to tackle distraction, and what you do is more intentional. And then you can improve your focus and productivity, and hyperfocusing becomes an enjoyable journey. 

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Achieve hyper-focus with this book


Deep Work by Cal Newport

“If you don’t produce, you won’t thrive—no matter how skilled or talented you are.”

It is absolutely true, but then again, how to get into that intensity is a big question. Newport here 

Every work that is done with deep and total concentration fetches good outcomes. In his book, Newport highlights how it is possible to achieve this kind of intensity when it comes to concentration. He has elaborated the four rules to be followed in life in order to achieve this level of intensity, which makes you enter a zone of complete concentration:

Rule #1: Work deeply

Rule #2: Embrace the boredom

Rule #3: Quit social media

Rule #4: Drain the shallows

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Understand your priorities and focus


There are multiple benefits of reading books on focus. It not only helps you to heighten your understanding of focusing in life but will also make you achieve goals more sustainably. With focus comes thinking, and with thinking comes the ability to make the right decisions. Start your journey by reading the books mentioned above. 

Let me know in the comments which of these books has helped you achieve focus.

Happy Reading!


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