Five types of Minimalist Persons: Which one are you?

Avid travelers visit different types of places and meet many people on their way, gathering knowledge and experiences. Often, travelers write different kinds of messages...
Five types of Minimalist Persons: Which one are you?

Avid travelers visit different types of places and meet many people on their way, gathering knowledge and experiences. Often, travelers write different kinds of messages in popular tourist destinations. One such idea reflects the concept of not tiring yourself on spending money to buy all the comforts for your peace. Instead, invest in experiences that matter. Peace will come your way.

This thought reflects on the fact that in life, through less, more can be achieved.

What is your take on life and experiences? Are you a minimalist, too?

Come let us check out the five types of minimalist persons found in society and their personal traits.


Which one of the five types of Minimalist Persons Aligns with Your Personality?

The Essentialist

Have you met someone who concentrates more on quality than quantity? Life is big, so you must have encountered such a human being. You can call him an Essentialist, a type of minimalist person. All minimalists like to go for less, but this particular type of minimalist person not only focuses on less but also on lasting longer. They buy minimal things but maintain the quality.


Minimalism is best suited to anyone

The Eco- Minimalist Person

The main motto of an eco-minimalist person is to embrace and endorse a “zero waste lifestyle.” They seem to be more concerned about the ecosystem and how human lifestyles negatively impact the environment. As a result, they have fixed their focus on sustainability. Like all other minimalists, they also buy less, but they also like to go for products that are organic, sustainable, eco-friendly, ethical, and fair trade. In the majority of cases, they prefer to buy second-hand products and also give away things when they are no longer in any way. They believe in a no-waste policy.


The Aesthetic Minimalist

Minimalism is about simplicity, but to an Aesthetic Minimalist Person, the visual beauty of their minimal assets is extremely important. Like Essentialists, they also believe in quality over quantity, but they also focus on the aesthetic beauty of their products. Their homes are clean and less cluttered with minimal furniture and monochromatic décor, but whatever they have, they are expensive and have aesthetic value.


The Nomad Minimalist

The Nomad Minimalist genuinely believes in living now and with less. So, such a minimalist person likes to move from one place to the other with all their possessions in a backpack very frequently. Such kinds of minimalists refrain from buying a house or a car of their own. They prefer to have very few belongings, mostly clothes, which they can pack in their backpacks and move around from one place to another.

Own to the minimal lifestyle of a nomad minimalist


The Extreme Minimalist 

It is often difficult to find people who believe in just having the essentials and eliminating everything extra from their lives, but they exist. Such people are extreme minimalists who are aware of all their possessions and can literally pack them up in a suitcase. If you ever step into their homes, be ready to find no fancy objects or decorative furniture inside. They prefer mats over couches and mattresses over large beds. This type of minimalist person believes in less and lives in the moment.


Which type of a minimalist person can you relate to your personality?


Do not worry if you cannot find any. You must have encountered one in your life.

Next month is Christmas, and let us concentrate on buying a gift for that minimalist in your life.


What to Buy as Gifts for Minimalists?

It might sound weird, but it is best not to buy any gifts for minimalists. They do not believe in having many material possessions, so buying gifts for them might not be a good idea. If there is still a need to buy a gift, it is better to go for consumable gifts like food or wine or experience gifts like travel tickets or lesson/ course memberships – as that would any day be a more valuable gift than materialistic possessions.


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