Diving into the Depths of Blue with minimalisTee!

The thirst for 'Blue' in a scorching April is so relatable for us living in the tropics. It is what our summer dreams are made...
Diving into the Depths of Blue with minimalisTee!

The thirst for 'Blue' in a scorching April is so relatable for us living in the tropics.

It is what our summer dreams are made of. Being the colour of the sky and the sea, it comes with a calming vibe that always soothes our mindspace. In ode to blue thus, today let us take you on a simple journey to uncover five mind-blue’ing facts about this much celebrated color from around the world.

If you are traveling or working or at rest right now while reading this blog, and complaining of the heat around you, take a break. 

Lets Blyou. 

The Blue City of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Talking of blues, presenting to you a city tucked away in the mountains of Morocco that is known for its blue buildings. Legend says that long ago, Jewish refugees painted the buildings blue to remember the sky and feel close to God. Imagine walking through the roads of Chefchaouen during one fine twilight. It feels like stepping into a peaceful blue dream straight out from the Yash  Chopra sets. Oh so soothing.

Japanese Blue Traffic Lights

Well here’s the second blue story we thought to share. While most places use green for traffic lights, Japan sometimes uses blue. But why? This comes from their language, where blue and green were once seen as the same color. Using blue helps drivers see the lights clearly and stay safe on the roads while paying homage to this blue eccentricity of their culture.   

If you are reading this while waiting impatiently in the traffic somewhere in Japan, then be patient, because just like minimalisTee’s April, the signals will now go blue anytime, and you will sail through it.

Blue Lobsters of Maine, USA

Right now we are standing beside the waters of Maine, well hey what was that blue speck we just saw in the waters!  Well it’s the rare sight of a blue lobster. These unique creatures get their blue color from a special gene. Seeing a blue lobster is like finding a treasure in the ocean, showing us how diverse nature can be and how beautifully it has hidden its diversities even within its blues.

Blue Skies in Beijing, China

Beijing is known for its pollution, but it's making big changes to improve air quality. By using air purifiers and controlling emissions, the city has seen clearer, bluer skies. It's a reminder of what we can achieve when we work together to protect our environment. Reminds us today of the bluest skies that we saw through the pandemic when the world came to a standstill but nature was renewing itself. 

Take some time out today before the evenings set in. Step out of your home, office or cubicle, and give time to yourself to just stare at & praise whatever blue is left in your slice of the sky. It’s been long you did that.

Blue Whales, Giants of the Ocean

Blue whales are the biggest animals on Earth, but that’s not why we brought them up in our blog. We brought them up because they are also the creature on earth with the biggest heart in the animal kingdom. Just to help you understand its magnitude better let us tell you its heart is the size of a gorilla or the bumper car that you are sitting in right now. 

Do share a blue heart emoticon with your loved ones today and tell them this fact, because you too do have a ‘big’ blue heart somewhere in you, with space (or shall we say rooms) for them. 

Wrapping up.

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Happy blues make a happier April.