A Simple Living Secret? Clean Your Junk Drawers More Often

“If we don’t question everything we bring into our lives, we’ll allow anything in.” - Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus   When we pause...
A Simple Living Secret? Clean Your Junk Drawers More Often
“If we don’t question everything we bring into our lives, we’ll allow anything in.”
- Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus


When we pause to think before deciding, we allow ourselves the time to reflect and practice mindfulness. And why is that necessary? It helps us choose what matters over accumulating, and questioning our choices helps us make a decision that we won’t regret—aligning what we bring into our lives with what we value and believe in. 

This is similar to questioning what has been accumulating in our drawers for all this while. Well, if you ask me, this drawer full of junk is literally overflowing—with both materials and memories—and also a metaphor for my life—or anyone’s life, if you may say so. Just as physical clutter can be draining, emotional and mental clutter can be, too. It is necessary we avoid such clutter for a simple living.

Whether it is drawers tucked away and their contents hidden from our view or our lives, we have let numerous contents accumulate over the years. And it’s necessary that once in a while, we make time to clean our junk drawers.

The junk drawer often gets overlooked when pursuing a simpler, more intentional life. It may seem harmless, but once you decide to clean the junk, you will be amazed at the difference it has made towards achieving a simple living.

Listen to what your junk has to say

Pausing and deciding to clean out drawers—years and years of nostalgia stored safely away in boxes—can be challenging, but it is necessary. In addition to the memories, there are also unnecessary possessions that no longer serve any purpose. So, letting go of those to make space for what you value is vital for a simple living.

But first, how to deal with that feeling of anxiety that comes with departing with memories.

Each drawer contains a treasure trove of lost treasures, tangled wires, and faded pictures, serving as a quiet tribute to the times you hold so dear. Emptying these drawers won’t be easy as the clutter is beyond physical possessions. These forgotten treasures - a childhood toy, a ticket counterfoil from a great performance, or perhaps a long-lost love letter—each possession reminds you of a story. 

It’s important you realize that what you hold close to your heart isn’t the content itself; it’s the story attached to it and the memory that it evokes. And once you realize this, the path towards attaining a simple living becomes more easier than you thought.

So, when you sit down to clean out the junk, you aren’t letting go of those stories. Instead, you are merely decluttering your home, the physical junk; the nostalgia and warmth of the memory will always remain deep within your heart. 

And, cleaning out the unnecessary will help you declutter what you no longer need or use, bringing positive change in your life and helping you achieve a simple living.

Why cleaning out junk will help?

How often have you bought something, only to discover you already had one buried in the junk drawer? Cleaning it out allows you to rediscover forgotten items and eliminate unnecessary duplicates.

The never-ending push to keep up with current trends and the continual barrage of commercials pressuring us to buy more and more can be overwhelming. The relentless desire to own more makes us make decisions that we often regret. So, once in a while, clearing the junk will help us realize where we stand and how necessary a particular possession is for us. 

A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind and that’s not healthy for a simple living.

Each item should serve a purpose or bring you joy. By clearing out the clutter, you’re creating space for things that truly matter to you. And you never know who you might inspire. By sharing this simple experience of decluttering your junk drawer, you may encourage others to take a step towards simplifying their own lives—a step towards minimalist and mindful living. 

And what about comparing it to life metaphorically?

Well, once you start decluttering your home and physical junk out of the drawers, your life will automatically reach the calmness you have been longing for. It will help you achieve the formula for a simple living.

Our junk drawers are a reflection of our lives—reflecting our habits, priorities, and mental states.

Letting go of the junk helps us become more mindful. When we mindlessly toss items into the drawer, it becomes a chaotic mess. As we slowly let go, we become more present and intentional in our habits, decisions, and overall lifestyle.

It empowers us and shows us that we can take control and make positive changes towards achieving a simple living.

And the next time you open your junk drawer and make time to declutter, remember that it’s not just about organizing stuff—it’s about decluttering your home and your life.

Every time you declutter a junk drawer, you are making a promise to yourself—a promise to approach life with a newfound sense of mindfulness and intentionality. You are taking the step towards a simple living.

So, when are you cleaning yours?



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