A Simple Life Is Happy Life When You Let Go Of “Just in Case” Items

Despite how busy times have become and our fluttering attention spans, we still hold dearly to one belief—a simple life is happy life.  Yes, simplicity...
A Simple Life Is Happy Life When You Let Go Of “Just in Case” Items

Despite how busy times have become and our fluttering attention spans, we still hold dearly to one belief—a simple life is happy life. 

Yes, simplicity offers us the refuge to enjoy the present moment even when there is a rush to chase the next. Adapting to change is inevitable in this competitive and ever-evolving world, but choosing simplicity and finding peace in the belief that a simple life is happy life is still possible. 

One simple way to achieve this peace is to let go of every “just in case” thing that has been piling up in your life.

The “just in case” Detox

Of course, you wouldn’t wear that “just in case” shirt. Stop lying to yourself.

Of course, those “just in case” headphones will never come out of the store room, and definitely not those “just in case” shoes.

Life moves on, and you learn to live without those “just in case” items. They never come out. So, instead of letting them pile in your store room and your life, let it go.

A simple life is happy life when you choose to declutter every “just in case” item from your life.  

You are only hanging onto those just-in-case possessions because their craze once charmed you. Maybe you are still somewhere in your subconscious. But it is only layering up and taking up space. These clothes, gadgets, accessories, house decor, and even phones are only cluttering your physical space and making it hard for you to focus on what actually matters. 

There is so much happening around you and competing for your attention, and here you are bundled up with mere possessions that could be useful on a “just in case” day—or not. 

Imagine what all could be possible with a cluttered space, mind, and life. It could be your gateway to the simple life is happy life reality. 

It is important to remember that material possessions are only sentiments forcefully given a concrete shape. Instead, let it remain in your heart as a dear memory or a reminder of a beautiful phase. Let the possession go, but make the memory stay. You don’t need a physical reminder for that. 

And if you think that if you let go of that “just in case you could fit into it again shirt,” you wouldn’t have anything left to motivate you, think again. You don’t need it to encourage you. Instead, act and achieve something that you want so crazy that you promise yourself that once you do, you will gift yourself a new reality of that old “just in case” version. 

Embrace the Power of Minimalism

Letting go of the unnecessary isn’t about giving up on everything in life. Instead, it is about choosing to invest in the belief that a simple life is happy life. It is about choosing a minimalist mindset and practicing it.

Why, you ask?

Minimalism is about choosing quality over quantity, letting go of excess, and making space for what truly matters—experiences, relationships, and human sanity. 

When you are intentional about what you own, you attain the “simple life is happy life” in the truest sense. Living a simple life is more than just decluttering your home or reducing your possessions—it’s about embracing a mindset that prioritizes intentional living. 

Imagine waking up each day with a clear mind, free from the noise of unnecessary distractions. A simple life is like that. It allows you to focus on meaningful relationships, personal growth, and experiences that enrich your soul instead of unnecessary “just in case” chaos taking up space in your life—letting happiness flow in freely. 

A minimalist lifestyle appreciates more and is grateful for everything that is valuable. When you have fewer things, you appreciate each one more. Whether it’s fewer material goods or people in your life, the lesser it is, the more valuable those few become. Simplicity is not about sacrifice; it’s about gaining more—more time, more peace, more happiness to make simple life is happy life possible.

Practice Mindful Consumption

Being mindful about what you bring into your life can prevent future clutter headaches, help you stay focused, and avoid the accumulation of “just-in-case” items. 

Before acquiring new possessions, pause and consider whether they serve a genuine purpose. Similarly, when planning to declutter, toss between whether you have used something recently and whether it is “just in case.” 

We know that parting ways with possessions is tough, especially when they hold sentimental value or are tied to “just in case” scenarios. We have a solution to that dilemma. Let go with gratitude. Take a moment to thank each item for its service and the memories it holds. Then, send it on its way. 

Think with intention and say goodbye with gratitude. And then let it go.

So go ahead, take a deep breath, and walk on the path of minimalism to keep life simple, because a “simple life is happy life.”


This blog post was written by Anwesha Sarkar; a professional blogger who is sketching dreams with words to satiate her wish pallette and to be remembered beyond time. You can find more blogs from her at