A Simple Living Mindset: 5 Easy Habits to Build Success

S-U-C-C-E-S-S What particularly hits your mind when you think of success? For a budding professional, it could be an outstanding career; for an entrepreneur, it...
A Simple Living Mindset: 5 Easy Habits to Build Success


What particularly hits your mind when you think of success?

For a budding professional, it could be an outstanding career; for an entrepreneur, it could be cracking the deal with your dream client, or it could be that long-coveted trek for a fitness enthusiast for which they have been preparing for over a year.

We all have varied propositions about success, but the one thing that connects is simple, living up to your goals and dreams. And the two things that have remained constant throughout the journey toward success are good habits and persistence.

No matter what your goals are and whatever obstacles you might have to overcome, it is all about the mindset. To achieve success, you do not need grand efforts—just simple habits practiced consistently. There is magic in persistence, and with good habits, real success can be attained and sustained.

Here are five good habits that will build a growth mindset and help you in simple living; a minimalist lifestyle that keeps the chaos away.

5 habits to build simple living and success

It is time to weave your daily routine with the strings of good habits that will pave your way toward success.

#1 Nurturing a healthy lifestyle

Be it yourself or your goal towards success, the first and the most important thing is maintaining simple living and a healthy lifestyle. If you are in a good mental and physical state, you are indeed on the right track toward mindset growth. For that, all you need to do is develop habits regarding exercise routine, diet plan, and sufficient sleep. Modern lifestyles have made everyone more dependent on outside food and a haphazard lifestyle. In the long run, this will reflect on health and hinder success. So, nurturing a healthy lifestyle should be the priority for you.


#2 Starting with a positive note

Mornings are generally associated with the beginning of a fresh day, and some people also believe it to be a new opportunity to start afresh. It is always a good habit to start anything new on a positive note, which increases the chance of mindset growth to a great extent. Start your day with meditation or a hot cup of coffee, whichever suits you better, but remember to continue with this simple living style to ensure a positive outlook toward life in the long run. 


#3 Setting up goals

Our parents, teachers, and well-wishers have always told us to cultivate the habit of making a routine. This habit is no doubt beneficial, but a person with good habits will set up goals first before chalking out a routine to achieve them. If you possess a goal-oriented mindset, growth will come to you automatically. Remember, with growth arrives success and the gift of simple living


#4 Time management

We all live an extremely busy lifestyle engrossed in multiple activities and as a result, managing time becomes particularly difficult. That is why you must deliberately bring time management to build a simple living that encourages positivity. Nurture ways to prioritize your activities based on your mission and your goal towards success. It is only with proper time management that you can sort your simple life with minimalist effort. 


#5 Learning, Unlearning, and Relearning

Once again, for mindset growth, you need to be a flexible learner. Rigidity can cause hindrance in your path towards success. If you are into developing good habits, ensure you know how to learn, unlearn, and relearn. The world is changing, and this is the only constant. So, in order to cope up with the change and follow the path of success, you need to get away with old learning and prepare your minds to relearn. With this simple living mantra, you will become a part of that change for the better. 


The road to success is not the same for all, and so is the journey. You as a traveler need to set your strategies and pace through your good habits so that you can reach the destination safer and faster. 


This blog post was written by Anwesha Sarkar; a professional blogger who is sketching dreams with words to satiate her wish pallette and to be remembered beyond time. You can find more blogs from her at