4 Decluttering Tips for Hoarders: Taking One Step at a Time

"I stood staring at the mountains of stuff that had accumulated over the years" – thoughts of a hoarder.   That’s precisely how the day...
4 Decluttering Tips for Hoarders: Taking One Step at a Time

"I stood staring at the mountains of stuff that had accumulated over the years" – thoughts of a hoarder.


That’s precisely how the day had started and ended for me - I was exactly where I had begun.

I am sure many of you might have struggled like me and found it challenging to part with possessions. Attaching stories and memories makes it hard for us to say goodbye.

But thanks to the enlightening books I have been reading, I have realized that letting go of what isn’t necessary is necessary to make space for what is. 

And what generally supports this? Practical decluttering tips for hoarders like me that result in action.

Decluttering one step at a time

The thought of decluttering can be overwhelming, but with the right strategies, you can surround yourself with only what adds value.

The first few attempts can be daunting, but the newfound decluttering rhythm can be delightful once you crack the code.

Here are a few decluttering tips for hoarders that have worked:

Tip 1. Setting realistic goals

As wise people say, the first step is always the most challenging but also the most intriguing. And with the right frame of mind, achieving goals is possible.

- Break your task into smaller sessions with manageable tasks.

- Give yourself a time frame for decluttering and stick to it.

Choose one thing at a time. It is easier to declutter material possessions than non-material ones. But once you get the taste of it, you will realize that you have moved on to the higher grounds of minimalism, where your life is only about the few valuables.

Take a deep breath and begin. Before you know it, you will be having fun!

Tip 2. Have a sorting strategy in place

When beginning to declutter, categorize your possessions into three piles: keep, donate/sell, and discard.

When you categorize them, the process becomes more straightforward, and the happiness derived is another level of adrenaline rush.

What helped me to get decluttering started? Asking this one simple question: Did I use it in the last six months?

Donate to declutter your closet

Tip 3. One-in-10-out Rule

One could argue that this is drastic, but if you ask me, this is perhaps one the most brutal yet achievable ways of owning only what matters. This is one hell of a decluttering tip for hoarders!

The rule is simple: for every new thing you desire to buy, you must let go of 10 things that fall within that category. For instance, if you want a new pair of jeans, you must donate ten pieces of clothing.

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists, vouch that this is one of the most ideal ways of “reshaping” consumption habits. It helps minimize impulsive habits that make us spend more on things that, in reality, are unnecessary and add no value.

Tip 4. Seasonal declutter

It is an effective strategy to maintain an organized living space throughout the year. Evaluate and rotate items as seasons change, ensuring that your home aligns with the current season’s needs. Pack away off-season clothing, household items, and other accessories to free up valuable space.

With regular evaluations, you will be able to discard and donate items as well. Parting ways with possessions can be tricky, but you can achieve it with the right intentions.


Decluttering is vital as it positively impacts one’s life’s mental, emotional, and even financial aspects. It allows for a healthier relationship with possessions, encouraging a mindset shift towards valuing experiences and relationships over material items.

These decluttering tips for hoarders enable a clearer understanding of needs, preventing impulse buying and promoting intentional spending.


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